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About LuvForever

Our mission is to empower women through our fashion, because you are the ones who hold up half the sky! We believe in giving expression to the freedom and style of womanhood.

Based in London, United Kingdom.

Our origins

Our mission is to empower women through our fashion, because you are the ones who hold up half the sky! We believe in giving expression to the freedom and style of womanhood.

Our evolution

The evolution of my company, LuvForever Fashion is the result of my endeavour to create the best version of myself and be an inspiration to other women.

With undaunted faith and trust in my inner voice, but very little clarity, I stepped into unknown territory. Little did I know then, that I was gravitating steadily towards what truly ignited me, despite the fact that neither I nor my family had any experience in this field.

However, after years and years of discovering, rediscovering, and reinventing myself, I got acclimatized with a whole new world of possibilities.

I decided to give wings to my true passion - to make contemporary fashion available in the best possible manner, to the woman of today, and thus, LuvForever Fashion was born!

What drives us?

We work on the firm belief that every woman is a beautiful being, and all she needs is to claim the beauty and power that lies buried within her. All she needs is the realisation and acceptance – to be aware and harness her true potential; be the truest version of herself. With that vision, I embarked upon my venture, which I called, LuvForever Fashion – a brand that stays committed to uncompromising quality and services.

At LuvForever, we strive to bring forth nothing but the best for the woman who seeks to embrace her profound power!

We have a penchant:

  • Always create something new. Discard old limiting beliefs and hence give way to change for the better.
  • Be the change to bring the change.
My personal journey as a woman entrepreneur

My journey as a woman, as a mother and an entrepreneur has been that of persistence, grit, self-realisation, and a passion to break free from the illusions created by myself and the societal norms.

I sifted through various jobs for years, feeling lost and without a meaning as though I was still looking for my sole purpose. All the while, I was holding on to my ambitions to start my own venture, a brand that resonated with my being as a woman, as an entrepreneur, and above all, as an empowered being!

I embarked on my project with no money, and no skills, but I persevered. It was only when I was struck by a realisation that I found myself on a completely new path, a place where things started getting clearer day by day. Everything started evolving and my vision compelled me to take action. Soon, I was on my way to creating my own business line of clothing and retailing designer fashion while bringing up my two bright sons alongside. I followed my heart and my pursuit - and I was rewarded with a deep connection with my vision, my mission and purpose in life. Finally, I laid the foundation of my very own company!

In a quest to fulfil my desires, it struck me that we are all connected with this one chord – to understand “who we really are”. I stepped into unknown territory having faith and belief as only allies, only to end up finding everything that I wished for, and I realised that there are millions of women out there who, like me, are struggling to do the same. All they need is the spark of inspiration. Throughout my journey, I had a desire to connect with them, and to create something that empowers them. I also realised that entrepreneurship is the key to bringing transformation to the society and the world, at large.

My brand is my endeavour to contribute to that essence of womanhood and mankind in my own way!

Our Vision

We strive to be a leading fashion brand by empowering innovation and creativity, and make exciting impacts on our customer’s lives. We envision a world where women realize their hidden potentials and create better opportunities for themselves – this will be our greatest contribution to society!

Who do we serve?

We cater to the passionate woman who wishes to express herself freely yet in a very fashionable and sophisticated manner. Our brand is synonymous with style, comfort and accessibility. We endeavor to keep to the highest standards of the industry. We make extraordinary fashion available for unstoppable and charismatic women like you!

Our Products

At LuvForever Fashion, you find carefully curated, on trend evening dresses - just the right ones to give an upbeat look and uplift moods. Our ensemble has something to offer for every passionate woman – right from maxi to mini dresses, sequin dresses to power suits, and much more.

So, be it a bold or a robust look that you wish to create, or make a ravishing appearance in a beautiful maxi dress, you have it all here! Go ahead, spruce up your wardrobe with our exquisite collection!

Meet the team

"The strength of our team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."
Our dynamic team is comprised of myself and my two adorable sons. Our coming together was our beginning, and our partnership is until infinity!

Connect with us

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