5 Of The Hottest New Styles for the AW20 Season!

Welcome to our blog post! We're starting off simple; we're just ranking some of our favourite new arrivals in this blog.

1. The Jumper Dress

To start off with, we have one of our latest arrivals. This item of clothing has wormed its way into my heart, and I felt like it deserved to be at the top of the list. The new jumper dress is a mix of a classic winter jumper and a stylish midi dress, and the mix is simple and yet radiates grace and elegance.

The material is soft and stretchy, and the looser fit means you keep warm without being hemmed in by elastane. I could go on like this, but I’m sure you get the idea. It really does keep you warm during these winter months, and I’ve been permanently attached to it, wearing it day in and day out while at home and when popping out to the shops. It really is one of the best items I’ve had the privilege of wearing. You can take a look for yourself here.

2. Multicoloured Maxi Dress

This dress really is an eye catcher. With vibrant, autumn colours and a subtle off-shoulder look, this dress is a go-to for a big statement. The intricate printing is stunning, with foliage printing and a black background, all of which comes together to form one of our best maxi dresses. It is a real party piece, and it’s unconventional style means you’re the centre of attention. I personally love how it feels; a soft and yet thick material, which also helps with our heat problems here in the UK! With subtle patches of glitter, this dress tells you that it means business. You can check it out here.

3. Pink Frilled Midi Dress

This midi dress really is like no other dress we have. With a flowing feel, and exquisite patterns and mesh edging, this dress really is something else. I personally love the material; the thick lace is really smooth and is perfect for both winter and summer months. It feels as good as it looks, in my opinion! The lace edging is stylish and looks perfect with the flared sleeves and wide hem. You can have a look right here.

4. Flare Sleeved Oriental Midi Dress

This dress and the one above could be sisters, but they’re both different in their own ways. This oriental dress is soft and keeps an effortlessly elegant style. The suede-like material feels luxurious, and the lining is almost invisible. The belt is immensely stylish, and I love the tassels on the belt; they look amazing! The flared sleeves give it an almost Japanese look, almost like a kimono, and the neckline is simplistic and descriptive at the same time. I highly recommend it on account of its unconventional look and comfort! You can buy it here.

5. Pink Bandage Robe Dress

One of the spicier dresses, this bandage dress is a vibrant take on the bodycon dress. With a completely new fabric that resembles a stretchy bandage sort of wrap, this dress is a showstopper. With minimalist lace detailing on the chest, and a ribbed look to the layered bandage, this item is sure to set heads turning for all the right reasons. You can take a look at it here.

That just about concludes it for the blog. Stay tuned for our next post!

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