Does your dressing style reflect your personality traits?

Clothing definitely gives an idea of one’s personality and defines it to some extent, too.  Did you know that it takes less than 10 seconds to make a first impression on someone? And your personal choice of clothing makes a significant impact.

Wearing the right kind of clothes boosts your confidence and demeanour. Have you ever noticed the fact that when you wear a particular favourite dress, you feel that extra bit of excitement and confidence? It is because the dress reflects your personality; what you feel inside gets reflected outside.

Different fashion styles depicting different personality traits

  1. Feminine and elegant – Women belonging to this group are the girly ones who love to dress up lady like. You will generally see her wearing laces, ruffles and floral designs. She will generally prefer soft pastel colours like pink, lavender, peach. She is a romantic by heart who loves to read and take long walks by the beach, and flaunt around in skirts, dresses, a pair of heels and anything dainty.

Personality traits – a caring attitude, a positive outlook towards life and an eye for art and beauty.

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  1. Simple and minimalistic – She is the typical girl next door kinds who doesn’t like to dress up in frills and puffs but, who also knows how to make an impact with power dressing. You will often find her clad in simple dresses or jeans and fitted shirts or anything classy. She would not prefer loud colours but would instead go for neutrals like white, grey, or beige.

Personality traits – Clear independent mind of her own, passionate, and professional, trustworthy, and fun to be with.

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  1. Making a fashion statement – She is the kind of woman who truly likes to stand out and make her mark. She loves dressing up in bold colours, tries out new fashionable clothing with confidence, and is the life of parties! She is always oozing with confidence and exuberance, a hint of which comes across easily in her style of fashion. She is unapologetic about herself and leaves an impression on almost everyone that crosses her path.

Personality traits – Charismatic, bubbly, super confident, graceful, and well spoken.

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  1. Trend setter – She is the one who is always ready to try out new fashion that would help her unleash her passion and zest for life; her wardrobe is always updated with new styles. She is ready to let her femineity reflect her true personality and power. She is the go-to person for any advice as she knows what is new. She is confident, free spirited and knows the subject of fashion very well. She carries herself with utmost grace and enviable magnetism.

Personality traits – Connected with inner self, magnetic charm, always helpful, a good friend.

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