How to create your unique identity through fashion?

"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." —Gianni Versace


Through times immemorial, dresses and fashion in general have been a marker of class, and a reflection of one’s standing in the society. Individuals’ affluence was measured by the elaborateness of the dresses they wore. In the olden times, however, women’s individual style and expression was constantly under a façade of societal norms and expectations.

Fashion went through metamorphosis of changes with the passage of time – from extravagant dresses to skirts and corsets, mini-skirts and short dresses to high heels, the world of fashion witnessed it all and women continued to be the portrayal of the society. However, things have changed drastically since then. Women are carving out their identities with the help of fashion, making strong impacts on the world and all this while still following certain norms, ideals and expectations laid down by the society.

Shaping your identity through fashion

As against normal perception, fashion is more than just a mode of self-expression; it is a representation of one’s individuality. We sift and sort through different styles and adapt to the ones that are close to our attitude, thus creating something personal to us. 

Our dresses may be creating a false or true representation of ourselves depending on what our true identities and personalities are. Having said that, both of them are different from each other. While identity delves deeper into what we really are, our personalities emerge from the beliefs and qualities that we hold.

Self-image is of paramount importance, the significance of which cannot be undermined. To create a distinct personal identity, one must have strong personal choices and decisions, not only in what one wears but also other aspects of life. Our dresses and our style of fashion of course, determines to a great extent, what we want the world to perceive us to be.

‘Dress in everyday life is always more than a shell. It is an intimate aspect of the experience and presentation of the self and is so closely linked to the identity that these three – dress, the body and self – are not perceived separately but simultaneously, as a totality.’

The concept of identity has been the object of study for humanities and social sciences, and fashion has undoubtedly been hand in glove with constructing and reconstructing people’s identities. How people perceive fashion, what cues they take from the external world, what sense of style they wish to adapt and what their resistances are to a particular fashion – all this helps in carving out their unique identities. That having done, they are ready to express to the world – who they are or who they want to be. Needless to say, this aspect is prone to change with fluctuating self-realisation, fluid ways of fashion and your changing environment. 

Impact of fashion brands like LuvForever on our personal style

Fashion brands are present everywhere around us; they hold a symbolic power, help in constructing identities and assert our belonging to a particular social group. Fashion brands have a powerful impact on lives of people as they rely on them to create, maintain and develop their identities and self-concepts.

When it comes to freedom of expression by way of fashion, we form deep personal relationship with brands that give us the choice of doing so while keeping up with the latest trends in fashion. Some of us may desire to portray ourselves as bold and outgoing while some others may want to let our feminine self-do all the talking, some of us like to dress up extravagantly for a certain occasion while still some others may wish to look minimal while creating a powerful impact.

Fashion brands like LuvForever Fashion that withhold the true essence of feminine beauty and charm have a range of dresses suitable for women of all categories depending on their attitudes and moods. You will find a collection that is versatile and trendy, ranging from maxi and mini dresses, beautiful and elegant sequin dresses, breath taking bridesmaid dresses, power suits and much more – that help propel you from just expressing yourself freely to be the best version of yourself, each day, every day!

If there is a special event that is coming up and you have been scouting for a special dress that will catapult your femininity to the highest version, check out the Red Sequinned Bust Maxi Dress from LuvForever Fashion. A truly mesmerising and classy maxi dress, this is sure to turn heads and make your evening magical! Also, explore the world of fashion through the eyes of LuvForever Fashion for many more wonderful creations!

Come and make your style, your way to say who you are!

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