Step into your feminine power

“She remembered who she was – and the game changed”.

Feminine energy has for long been synonymous with nurturing, compassion, empathy, love and connection. It is like a stream that is pure and flows freely, leaving an overpowering effect on every being that comes across, with an awareness that is striking and that is unlike masculine energy. Now, as we say this, it is true that all of us are born with both masculine and feminine energies; men have feminine energies and women possess masculine energies.

Age-old beliefs have however made us believe that masculine energy is what is required to derive success, it is what churns out ‘successful entrepreneurs’. All of this, in spite of the innumerable instances when women have unapologetically conquered ever domain of the ‘man-created world.’

Is it because the woman herself has not realised her full potential? Is it because she has somewhere, not yet fully embraced and accepted her feminine power, one that is powerful and truly magical! Perhaps the time has come to unfold that latent corner inside of you; that part of you needs a reckoning, it needs to be awakened, tapped into and activated - to unfold the immense, fun-loving creative, joyful and playful person that you are!


Be open to receiving.

Women have an innate sense of receiving, amplifying and giving the world back in tenfold, of what she gets! Be it love, or hate or support, or anything else.

As a woman, be open to receiving more – don’t hesitate to ask for help, or favours. At the same time, love and pamper yourself when you require it the most, instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you. Once in a while, gift yourself with something material or just some precious time!

Embrace creativity. 

Sometimes, we forget where our true happiness lies, because of being so engulfed in the grind of life. Femininity is all about being more creative – letting your hair loose and dance a little, giving voice to the shy singer in you, getting in touch with the inner bookworm inside you, or picking up a brush and painting a picture with your own story! It could be just anything that lets your creativity flow freely.

painting a picture | Luvforever Fashion

Indulge in yourself.

Women are born multi-taskers! We are busy shouldering the responsibility of lighting up everyone’s life around us, to the extent that we often put our needs on the back burner! Did you know that your body is truly a temple and that, your feminine energy gets a boost when you pamper yourself with activities like massages, Yoga, dancing, low impact training or any kind of free-flowing movements?  So, go ahead and do what gives you pleasure, for once!

Unravel your playful side!

Let that joyful and playful side of your personality reflect in your daily life. Carry that positivity and radiance wherever you go, and never let that special spark die. After all, this is what you are born to be like – enigmatic, mysterious and magical!

Remember, that feminine energy is always there deep within you – even when you feel it the least. It is present as a deep connection with your true self; all you need is an ability to go inwards and step into your own approach, your true feminine power! So, the next time you get dressed and are ready to go out in the world, ask yourself this – Are you really stepping into your power?

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